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analytic number theory

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The topic ``analytic number theory'' has been available for everyone to edit for over a month. I know that my knowledge of analytic number theory is very limited, and I am certain that there are people active in PM that know a lot more about the subject than I do. I would greatly appreciate it if more information could be added to this topic. Thanks.


At the end of world-editable entries (such as this one, analytic number theory), the following sentences appear:

Anyone with an account can edit this entry. Please help improve it!

The words "Anyone with an account" automatically link to new membership. (By the way, I like the witty response that it gives when a member clicks on it.) I suggest that the words "edit this entry" link to same place that clicking on "edit content" (which is at the very bottom of the page and thus is harder to find) does. Does anybody agree with me? Does anybody know how to go about making this change?


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