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Andrica's conjecture

Andrica conjecture
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Dear Prime Fan, I have updated the article in Wikipedia here
please tell me whether you can update it here also, for example is there any way that images are incorporated in PlanetMath posts. I am newcommer here, your help is appreciated.
D. Georgiev

Dear Danko Georgiev, I can update it here also but not today. You'll have to give me a few days to absorb the update. I don't know of any way to incorporate images into PlanetMath posts. It's been hard enough for me to figure out how to get them into PlanetMath articles.

Dear prime fan,

if you want I can send you .eps files of the Andrica function, some of them I have uploaded in Wikipedia. Then you can attach them to the entry, and then incorporate the images into the PlanetMath article with the command \includegraphics{name} .. of course first you have to start the \usepackage{graphicx} in the preamble of the PlanetMath entry by deletion of the "%" sign !!! This is what I have discovered today :-)
Please check the entry generalized Andrica conjecture opened by me --
and you can improve the entry on Andrica conjecture.
p.s. I think the "'s" is not needed in the title.

I removed parentheses per one of Mathprof's corrections but they're still showing in HTML w/images even after a rerender. I think it's just a stubborn cache on my side.

One of my objects was doing the same thing last made me loony. It's working properly now though...just give it some time I suppose :)

The holdover's done. Now I'm convinced that, as azdbacks4234 said, it's just a matter of giving the client-side cache time.

Thanks for the offer, but I can make graphics like these myself quite easily. Adding graphics to this is on my to do list but it's not as urgent as some other things I have to take care of, especially thanks to the graphics you have included in your entry. As for the title, the "'s" should, if nowhere else, at least be included in the synonyms field because we can be sure at least a few people will search for it that way.

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