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Beta testing checklist

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One thing I noticed at once was that some articles get words that are mislinked. For instance take this beta testing checklist article created by unlord. In this article the words "group", "link" and "fix" are mislinked. Is there a way to turn off this auto-linking?


Hi Jose:

Deyan Ginev has rewritten most of NNexus, the module that does autolinking. The new version should be much smarter about (not) linking terms like this, but the new version is still being tested. I’ll point this article out to Deyan as a ”test case”. Further, the simplest would just be to have a tickbox in the editor frame, checked by default, but that you can use to turn off autolinking entirely, per post (e.g. in the forum).


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I added an attachment called sinx - with an attached image of sin(x)x\sin(x) - but one already existed – I may have overwritten it??

I have uploaded a replacement image, but it strikes me that it would be useful to be able to add several images which are local to an article to prevent this, as images are not usually global objects. Perhaps something similar to attachments in emails?


Global images have some advantages - since they can be reused in other articles. But you’re right, a more familiar workflow is to attach images to individual articles. If we’re careful, we could combine aspects of both: Upload locally, but then make the images available globally as well – and make sure the software takes care that the images don’t overwrite each other!

I don’t think I’ll be able to change things around so that it works this way immediately, but if what I’m saying makes sense, I’ll add it to our “summer workplan”.

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