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metamath utilities and links

Metamath utilities and links

About this page

This page is intended to host utilities, links and other 'supporting' materials which help the Metamath and friends users.

RSS feed for recent proofs

In order to support my Metamath reading habits, I've created an RSS feed for new Metamath theorems as they appear in Norm's recent proofs page. The link is http://www.gimal.com/rss/mmrecent.xml and it renders ok in Firefox 2.0 and Liferea which I use.


- dan 22-Nov-2006

Thanks, dan. I tried with !InfoRSS and it looks nice; the Unicode renders well. I added a link to your RSS feed on the mmrecent page. It would be interesting to know if Unicode renders on other RSS readers, since it doesn't render in Internet Explorer. – norm 26 Nov 2006

Hi dan. Thanks from me as well! 'tworks in !InfoRSS, indeed. But not as a Firefox 'Live Bookmark', unfortunately: I get the error "Live Bookmark feed failed to load". The following quote (from http://reinventedsoftware.com/support/feederfaq.html#livebookmarks) might explain why.

Live Bookmarks for my feed fail to load in Firefox.
If your feed works in some RSS readers like !NetNewsWire or Safari, but you see a "Live Bookmark feed failed to load" message in Firefox, this is because the items in your feed do not have links. Firefox needs a link to give the user somewhere to go when they select the Live Bookmark.
To add a link to your items, enter an http:// web address in the Article Link field for each item.
If you do not have a specific link for each item, use your site's URL.

But I'm not really sure that this is the cause, since you do have links in there. Perhaps some RSS format not understood by (my version of) Firefox? Anyway, just thought you might like to know. (Oh, this is Firefox on Gentoo Linux, by the way. Haven't been able to test on Windows Firefox 2.0 yet.) – marnix 29 Nov 2006

Hi marnix. I fixed up the RSS feed a bit (now its conforms to RSS2.0 standard). I tested it with Live Bookmark and it works. Hope this helps.

dan 29 Nov 2006

Yup, it works great now. Thanks for the fast fix! – marnix 29 Nov 2006