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Is this a bug? Apparently the automatic linker is not working inside the verbatim environment:

PRINT *, 'A must be a \htmladdnormallink{positive}{} integer.'

(there are no manual links in the source)

By the way, apparently \PMlinkescapetext doesnt linke multiple paragraphs (or a complete environment, maybe?) since applying ot to the whole verbatim environment gives an error message.

One could escape the linked words one by one, but this is far from an optimal solution, since new words in the encyclopedia could still mess things up.

It's either a bug or it is some setting which I'm not aware of and which I failed to set correctly. I would want the automatic linker to either not do anything to the verbatim environment or to work as it usually does. Another problem is that all the indentation is being ignored, but for now the linking problem should be the higher priority.

Without looking at the source code, I think the best thing to do would be to program the autolinker to just ignore verbatims. It seems that the autolinker is being engaged before the rendering engine. At first I thought maybe the solution would be to run the rendering engine first and then the autolinker, but that probably would create an entirely different set of problems. Again, keep in mind I don't have access to the source code so my comments in this matter weigh less than those of someone who has.

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