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Next Step: Functional Planning Groups

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Next Step: Functional Planning Groups

Based on your feedback, as well as one-on-one conversations with some of you, before beginning work with the visions, we recommend separating you into two work groups.

WGOne: will be working on their 3-5 year visions for You belong in this group if your primary goal in this strategic planning process is in growing the sustainability of PlanetMath itself through new audiences, new participants and the ongoing human, financial, intellectual and social resources that will be needed to support PlanetMath.

WGTwo: will be working on their 3-5 year visions for New Opportunities: Building New Worlds from You belong in this group if you’d like to expand the scope and opportunity for decentralized collaborative projects and believe PlanetMath can serve as model/springboard for additional commons-based, peer-produced online communities.

Once you have self-identified the group with which you’d like to participate (and you may participate in both), please post in the WGOne and/or WGTwo threads your desire to be in that group. Once we have both groups established, we will be assigning you a partner with whom you will be sharing your vision, as we move through the aligning process.

Additionally, this is the time to recommend/invite anyone else who should be intentionally recruited into the process. We would like those new individuals to do the visioning exercise and then join us in either WGOne or WGTwo.

Thank you.
Marnita & Carl

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