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Next steps -- PM Strategic Planning with Words On Fire

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Next steps -- PM Strategic Planning with Words On Fire

It has been a pleasure and an experience working with the far-flung PlanetMath community. Modern technology may make the world a smaller place but certain things take longer than if we could all get in a room together and talk things through.

Having completed one-on-one phone calls with most of you and done some of the related research into potential partners, media resources, revenue sources, and etc., we are ready for your vision statements (see forum posts of 3/23 First assignment-visioning exercise and 3/27 Clarifying visioning exercise) for full details on what that entails.

For a quick recap: Envision that it is April 2010. PlanetMath, as a result of its effective strategic planning and other hard work, has arrived at all of its goals. What does that mean? What does it look like? How has PlanetMath changed/improved? What funding streams have developed? In how many languages is the Encyclopedia now available? What does your online community look like now? What new stakeholder groups have emerged? What is the average age of your users/community members? What kind of paid staff does the organization now have? Where are you housed? Who are your strategic partners? Allow yourself to actually walk through this PlanetMath of the future. Is your role with the organization still the same? Visualize/experience success for PlanetMath.

(We already have received one vision from Joe/jac); everybody else, please send them to us ( either regular email or via PM mail.

The next step will be a conference call for as many participants as possible, the next best thing if we cannot all be in a room together. All PM community members welcome. Our availability is Fri 4/27 from 9 a.m.-12 p.m. CST, or Mon 4/30 just about anytime.

Please let us know which works for you.

Rather than going through the one-on-one aligning process we originally envisioned, which really works better with more active participants than we have had so far. We will take your visions, refined by the discussion in the conference call, add in the results of our research investigations and networking on your behalf, and coalesce them into a coherent strategic plan.

Any questions? Feel free to email or call (Carl 612 964 3529, Marnita 612 928 7744).


Carl & Marnita

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