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2nd Conference Call on Strategic Planning issues

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2nd Conference Call on Strategic Planning issues

We had a good conversation today on the draft Strategic Communications Plan this morning, which went on for more than 2 hours. Good comments both in the call itself and on the forum, including from some people who were not able to be on the call.

We're scheduling a second call to complete the discussion -- we only got through part of the strategies section; and I think once everyone has more chance to review the draft plan some more there may be more to say generally. We'll also be providing some information on potential funding sources to pursue and media org's with an interest in math (that ought to be contacted to get the word out about PM).

We're proposing two possible times: either Thursday 5/31 or Friday 6/1 from 2-4 p.m. Please weigh in on which of these times works better for those of you who wish to participate.

Carl & Marnita

I would prefer Friday simply because that gives a day more to read
the documents (in particular the upcoming lists of potential
partners, media contacts and the like) and otherwise prepare for
the conference. HOWEVER, Thursday would be fine with me also; if
someone else has a time conflict, then that outtrumps my preference.

Friday is good for me!


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