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Communications Conversation

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Communications Conversation

At long last, the plan, research information on grants and potentional funders, top priority contacts, all in one place. You can even download the mindmaps so you can blow them up on your own screen.

We know there is some discontent as to why we communicators are out here mucking in your math (or rather ignoring your math). It's because we hope that you will begin attracting greater dollars and more participants to PlanetMath, so that the upgrades and the environment for those serious in math you desire is actually achievable.

The work that is being done internally by all of you in setting guidelines and improvements in content are part of the story of PlanetMath. But so is this strategic long range planning.

Attracting additional participants and funding is all about the math of relationships. How many contacts are necessary to add new funding or participants? How many relationships in what order will create the outcomes (visions) of those of you who chose to share.

In order to grow PlanetMath it will take all of you and then some. We hope that you will take the time tomorrow and join us as we make our final recommendations.

best, m! & Carl

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