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Nonlinear Model Equations

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Nonlinear Model Equations

Hi! I am working on numerical analysis of Newton and its higher order variants iterative methods for solution of nonlinear equations and systems of nonlinear equations. Can anyone have some nonlinear model equations which can help me? Thanks.

Thanks. I am from Mauritius, an island in the Indian Ocean.
I need some applications for my thesis where Newton method can be applied and is efficient. The problem with higher order variants i am studying is that they can only be applied for small systems of nonlinear equations (n=100). You can find my papers in the objects.

Hello Babajee,
>I am from Mauritius, an island in the Indian Ocean.
Yes, I know that. Mauritius isn't so unknown! I did put Mauritius in Spanish (Mauritania).
Well, so you're making the Doctoral Thesis? I thought you were solving a simple nonlinear problem by applying Newton's method. Sorry by my underestimation. To be honest, I see now your question not so easy, in fact this question is really deep which out of my scope and, at least someone in PM be specifically working out in this area, I think this is not the best site to give an answer to your question. As you well know Numerical Analysis just is not only science but art so you may consult those people and bibliography inherent to this topic. It is not necessary to mention that books, papers, congresses, symposiums, programs, etc., will help.
As a starting point I suggest you find out all of related to this site:
Also rewcently ratboy posted an intersting site related to math software open-source, that is
Maybe you want contact these guys.
I wish you the best for your Thesis have a soon and successful completion.

Thank for your mail and consideration. i think they will be of great help to me and my research. thanks once again.

Hello Babajee,
nice to know you! So you're from Mauritania: good!
>Can anyone have some nonlinear model equations which can help me?
That is it? Easier than peel tangerines. Look at
and here
and you'll get it!!

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