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One of the cleverest comics I've ever seen:

If you haven't seen it before, xkcd is generally speaking a must-read for mathematicians with a sense of humor.


except for the moebius strip and one or two strips I don't see much mathematics in it. Most of the strips are things computer nerds would enjoy. I think I prefer reading the PhD comics.

(ebook - pdf) - Mathematics - An Introduction to Complex Analysis ...
discrete mathematics course computer science+academic text book+ ...... He, or increasingly she, wants to see two elements at an early stage: procedures for ..... So don't look down on Pure Mathematicians for wanting to have things clean and cool. ...... Alternatively, think of what exp does to such a strip. ... - 865k

I have it on the bulletin board next to my office door. Just today some masters students were walking by, and one of them was like, "Guys, have you seen this yet? You've GOT to check this out!" If the author of xkcd ever published his stuff in hard copy, I'd totally buy it.

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