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Guide For Page Editing...?

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Guide For Page Editing...?

Is there a guide or help page for general page layout and editing?
For example, for the article "parabola",

there are several linked words in the article that (I believe) are identified as such under "Cross-references:", as well as an "Attachments:" of "similitude of parabolas".
So, when I go to edit the page,

--Where are the links/cross-references section?
--Where do you add/edit "Attachments:" (this seems different than the "Attach file:"/"Delete files:", which is empty for this article)?
--Also under the "Manage This Object's Filebox" section is "Urls to grab, if any": What is that about?

I do realize the "See Also:" is the "Related:" field on the edit page and the "Also defines:" is the "Defines:" field.
The "PlanetMath Content and Style Guide" doesn't seem to address the basic editing/formatting of articles.
Isn't there a guide for clueless newbies?
I am a Wikipedian, so I do know something! P=)


I was looking at # 120, and it shows a whole bunch of instances of LaTeX Error: Encoding scheme `T2 in red. But when I switch to HTML with images, it looks fine. There are other things it needs work on, but I don't want to complicate things for someone who can fix the encoding scheme error.

commenting out the line that invokes the T2
encoding seems like one way to go -- but when I
tried to make the change, I couldn't upload it
for some reason (so I haven't checked to see
if T2 really was needed for some reason)

The source annotated with errors flags line 12, "\begin{document}" line 22, "There are a few different ways of entering and leaving math mode..." line 26, and so on and so forth until line 251, the section heading for Algebra. Line 5, "\usepackage[T2A]{fontenc}" is not flagged in red. But I have no idea what it is that that package provides that causes such random-looking errors.

I deleted line 5, "\usepackage[T2A]{fontenc}" (and nothing else) and now the TeX guide shows up just fine in my browser. I'm using Internet Explorer and the default mode for that document is page images.


There are a gazillion guides that might be useful to you, including:

and more... all are at the site doc page:

(note the inclusion of the "new user guide" and a few linking guides)

There is no "links" section -- links are generated semi-automatically and can be controlled largely with inline directives explained in the linking guide. One exception is the "linking policy" document, which sets linkage priorities globally. You probably don't need that.

"Attachments" are created by setting the "parent" object ID, if the object to be attached already exists.

If not, you can generally create most types of "Attachments" by clicking in the Interact box below the object, which creates a new object filling in the parent ID field.

"URLs to grab" is just another way of uploading. It lets planetmath grab the destination directly by URL, so you don't have to download to your computer, then upload through the browser.


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