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Asteroid Bulletin (New Series) for Monday, September 14, 200...

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Asteroid Bulletin (New Series) for Monday, September 14, 200...


I have been retained as an administrative assistant for
PlanetMath and I'm taking the opportunity to reboot our
weekly Bulletin (among other things!).

The Bulletin will also be a chance for me to report on the
administrative duties I've performed in the last week.
(Or, this time, the last 14 days).

Please write to me here or by email if there are topics
you'd like me to cover/work on and I will do my best to
incorporate your thoughts/requests into our plans.

Joe Corneli,


We are apparently due for another meeting sometime ~this
month. Please weigh in as to when you might be (un)available
and I will attempt to schedule the meeting accordingly.

(Further details at

"in business" -- Getting set up as the admin (which you know
about). In addition to trying to talk with Science Commons,
I recently called FSF to see if I could set up an appointment
with them. No luck yet but I'll keep trying.

"motivating" -- A talk with James in which I began to understand
what is going on on the development side, and in which I
agreed to help James work on improving documentation of
Noosphere and the development process. He also showed me
some of the new features he has been working on -- cool stuff,
in particular, modularity is going to be significantly enhanced
(so, for example, changing the way math is displayed will no
longer require the whole page to be reloaded).

"planetmath mapped!" -- In which I describe a little clickable
map of PlanetMath's infrastructure and workflow. Although it
might not be clear from the map, a related topic that I'm
interested in is "knowledge transfer", i.e., to what extent can
the knowledge involved in e.g. administering the PlanetMath
website or developing code be shared (and to what extent
is it useful to do so)? Presumably a lot of the important
"knowledge transfer" stuff will take place in our ongoing
documentation projects -- so not to worry, but rather, just
think about what sorts of things need to be documented.
(See --
this map can be revised if there is something else we need
to see there.)

"managing ongoing tasks" -- which you also know about,
and they're copied below as a reminder. This brings to
mind another question, which is -- what should we do about
"feature requests"? The old wiki page
seems overpopulated and undermaintained. Perhaps a
re-vision of this this is something James and I can collaborate

(A weekly reminder!

President's tasks

* Install code for creating order files for FEM. The existing code
is conveniently packaged at
* Supervise various programming tasks (below); coordinate with
participating organizations. [ONGOING]

Programmer's tasks

* implement new template system (coordinating with Pitman,
Springer) [ONGOING]
* provide support for testing of editorial/content committee
features [STALLED?]

Admin's tasks

* Facilitate testing/revision of editorial/content committee
features work. [STALLED?]
* Assist with the next board meeting — remind people of the date,
manage the agenda and circulate it to the board, take minutes and file
them away where appropriate.
* Co-author documentation of PM organization.

Board tasks

* Schedule the next board meeting.
* Look for funding sources.

R.S.P.'s tasks

* Co-author documentation of PM organization.

Unassigned tasks

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