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Asteroid Bulletin (New Series) for Monday, October 12, 2009

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Asteroid Bulletin (New Series) for Monday, October 12, 2009


Hey, I'll keep this short and more or less dive in to the report,
which covers the most evolved version of our new tag
standard so far, a "collected edition" of PlanetMath's
documentation that I've been working on, and a visit I
made to the Free Software Foundation on PlanetMath's

Joe Corneli,


I'm not putting in the "weekly reminder" on tasks because
I don't think the list of tasks has changed much. Is
stuff getting done? I think we should probably have a
check-in about what's going on and what to do next.


(Further details at

"new tag standard now a collaboration object" - If you've
been following the discussion of our evolving set of
"official" tags in previous bulletins, you'll be
interested in looking at the latest installment (should be
close to the last!)


"general documentation for PlanetMath" - I collected
various existing pieces of documentation from around
PlanetMath and LaTeXed them up into a 99-page-long PDF.
No doubt some of the material is redundant, other is out
of date, and plenty is still missing -- but this is a good
place to start a comprehensive revision and update. And
not *too* long to print out, but maybe better to wait til
we have a nicer version around!


"report on FSF meeting" - I went over to the Free Software
Foundation to visit with two members of their campaign
team, Matt and Deb.

Seeing as how they are software people, it's no wonder
that our conversation focused on software. In particular,
they suggested some 3rd party free software packages
we could use to do some of the things Noosphere now
does (and some things it doesn't do)

* CVCRM for membership & subscription management
* Elg for social networking
* Movable Type or MediaWiki for a user interface^[1]
* identica for microblogging about our project

Most likely we're just going to stick with Noosphere
(after all, the updates we've been waiting for are going
to be ready soon...), but even so, it could still be
interesting to think about what other free software could
do for our content and community.

Other than that -- Matt and Deb suggested *business cards*
to hand out at conferences, cheaply produced *coffee cups*
to hand out as well, *parties* with a tip jar for
donations, and more *recruiting* to get additional people
on the board who are excited about working on the things
we particularly need help with. (I think we were on the
right track last year at MathFest 2008... now is a good
time to plan for JMM 2009, and for the ICM 2010.)

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