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How do I ask a question using maths symbols?

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How do I ask a question using maths symbols?

I was at a lecture the other day, and the lecturer used a symbolism that I haven't seen before. The meaning was obvious, so I didn't ask why he used it at the time, I thought I could look the usage up later. However, I can't find the convention used anywhere.

I wanted to ask on PlanetMath if anyone was familiar with the convention, but without actually being able to write the symbols, I think the question will be impossible to follow. Is there any way to post a question containing Latex, or with an image of an equation?

Thanks. I'm not sure what you mean by "make an article". Do you mean I should click on the "add to papers", or if not that, what?

Actually, I was able to get an answer to my question today from another source, so my problem is solved for now. I would still like to know how to make a (temporary) article, in case I have a similar problem in the future.

Hi gnnmartin,
You can simply go to some old article, e.g. "extremal". At the bottom you will see the "interact" bar; click "add(any)". Then you can begin to write an article (give also some title). Preview and save your article.

Sorry to be dense, but I still don't know what an 'article' is in this context. I tried searching on 'extremal' hoping that would enlighten me, but the PlanetMath search engine is not working (it tells me).

You don't need now the search engine (which functions now using Google). Simply watch the list "Latest Additions" on the main page; then you see the name of the old article "extremal", for example. Click it, and then you see the whole article. Then at bottom the "Interact bar" ...

On the main menu on the left, it says under members only,
add to Encyclopedia. Click on that and enter your article.

Hi Mathprof,
I have never seen in the main menu "add to Encyclopedia". Have I a poor browser (Opera)?

OK, thanks. It seems to be rather an abuse of the encyclopaedia, but if that is the only way, so be it. Anyhow, thanks again, and thanks to pahio too.


Make an article with your question. After it is satisfactorily
answered, delete the article.

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