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Is the correction system working?

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Is the correction system working?

In looking at the corrections that are currently filed, the oldest one was filed on February 14, 2009, which is more than two years ago. It used to be that, if a correction went unaddressed for a period of time (most certainly less than two years), then the entry was considered orphaned. In any case, I do not think that it is a good idea for an encyclopedia to have corrections left unaddressed for such an extended period of time.


Dear Warren, please send a mail to the inherent owner.

Yes, you are correct about the correction system, and it should apply to *everybody&, not just to some. To make it work there should be a time limit of 30 days to respond to any legitimate correction, after which the entry should be up for adoption so that it can get fixed in a timely fashion. (This is also a test of the new Noosphere instance 1.5 to find if this section of the Forum works properly).

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