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Would be glad to receive step by step guidance for posting papers in the papers section. Thanking members

A.K. Devaraj

Thank you very much.

A.K. Devaraj

Thank you very much once again. How do I upload the paper
onto PM? Right now the published paper "Euler's generalisation of Fermat's theorem - a further generalisation" which was presented at the Hawaii International conference on mathematics and statistics, 2004, is in pdf format in the URL: HIC on Maths & statistics/ proceedings (2004). I had downloaded it and is a file in my comp. Can I send it as an attachment to PM? If not will be glad to receive guidance on procedure for uploading.

Thanking you,

A.K. Devaraj

Wd appreciate help with regard to uploading of papers from any member.
A.K. Devaraj

Thank you very much. Just added my first paper on the site thanks to you.
A.K. Devaraj

You are most welcome!

You are most welcome!

Just a few important points:

1. Must make sure that, if necessary, a URL must be given under the Rights section. No copyrighted material is acceptable to be linked directly.

2. Must make sure that the MCS classification is in place, and that it is in the correct format; preferably use several so that at least one works.

3. Must upload a file, preferably PDF, of the presented paper, and saved.

4. After clicking on "finish", when you see click "here" on a new page
please do NOT rush to click on anything for at least a minute or so to allow the NS system to update itself with your uploaded paper.

5. Must provide valid URLs for links or else the paper blows up.

6. Do not copy and paste from a web source or similar source, especially if hyphens are involved; substitute -- for single - in
a document-copied reference, as unusual symbols would blow up the Noosphere, and also cause problems with subsequent editing.

If the above 6 rules are not followed, especially the No. 4 rule, you may end up with an un-editable, un-deletable object, which means contacting the admins to fix it. You may not either be able to abandon or add to the entry.

Hope this helps!

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