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Binary Joke

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Binary Joke


There are 10 kinds of people, people who understand binary, and people who don't.


Well, I retract me because the class 0 people no contradicts your claim. Your opinion?

what's with all this drivel?
The joke was that (10)_bin = (2)_dec, as far as I understand or are you trying to take it to a new level?

Pehaps it's true that there is a try to get this wonderful joke to a new level, but to be honest I also didn't get how :-).

Nice joke, told from the perspective of those in the latter group!

For the sake of people in the former group, we could add "people who
count" (i.e. v.i.p.) to make a play on another use of the word "count".

This reminds me of another binary joke:

There are 10 kinds of people, those who understand binary and those who don't.

Wow this thread is becoming dangerously cyclic,
eject! eject! run for you life..

>eject! eject! run for you life..

Funny. Yeah, I didn't notice the "cyclicity" until too late. Oh well. It can't hurt to tell a good joke twice. :-)

In that case, the joke is defined modulo 2.

Hi Alvaro,
Really there are 9 kinds of people.

Well i giggled.

There are 3 kinds of people, whose who can count and those who cannot.

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