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A site for proposed research topics

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A site for proposed research topics

I'd like to create site which would list some proposed research topics, which a student may choose for his/her thesis.

Will we do this on PlanetMath? Or to create a separate site?

Note that some topics may be easy, being suitable for students. But some topics may be of an unknown complexity. We could list such topics also but with a note that choosing one for a thesis may probably lead to student's failure.

Hi Porton: Do you know the Open Problem Garden? It’s somewhat similar to PlanetMath but just focuses on open problems. Maybe we should team up with them sometime. For now that might be the best place to list these proposed topics?

I know Open Problem Garden. I've even submitted there several open problems (most of which I am the "author" of).

OPG is certainly not suitable for a site listing research topics, because not every topic is a precisely formulated open problem.

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