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Do you want reports of broken links etc?

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Do you want reports of broken links etc?


Hello, I have just been browsing PlanetMath, and I keep finding broken links, error lines in the text, items not rendered properly etc. Do you want these to be reported? And if so, where? to whom?

Yes, examples would be great! You can just put links to the pages with errors and broken links. Probably there are broad patterns, so in the long run you don’t need to point out each and every error – but for now, please report whatever you find.

Possibly the easiest is to put them into the Planetary Bugs forum and I’ll sort them out further from there.


I put a bunch of stuff in article Feedback, hopefully only visible to Beta Testing Team 2

Thanks, I’ll have a look. One thing that your message here suggests to me is that it would be good if group members got some kind of email advice when new content was added to groups they belong to, so we’d all be kept up to date. I’ll make a note about that in the issue tracker.

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