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Help! I can't get the pound key sign # to show up...


Duh! Of course! Thank you very, very much!

Whit the exception of the small ones, all highly cototient numbres are congruent to -1 modulus a primorial. Furtehrmore, infinitly many primorial primes (of teh -1 variety) are also highly cototient.

But since calculating larger highly cototient numbers requires claculating larger primes, this conjectures can't be proven or disproven empiricly.

Insightful. The observation 9 mod 10 almost looks a red herring, then.

I wouldnt call it a red hering. It gave me the idea to remove the nines and look at teh factorizations of the numbres. Fisrt I noticed that they were all below a multiple of 3, then i noticed they were below a multiple of 6, then 30, then 210. and sure nough, 2309, 4619 and 6929 are listed in A100827. 30029 might not look taht big, but it requires testing some much larger primes.

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