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Project: PlanetMath Outlines Series

PlanetMath Outline Series
Schuam's Outlines
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Maybe we should start by converting them into ”collections”?

Existing topic entries can be found via

Add 44. outline of mathematical analysis.

Will do!

While the general idea of convering them to collections sounds right, it will take some thought and planning to do it in a correct way which embodies the goals which we had in mind when designing and building the system of topic and index entries. While collections are a better representation than lists in entries, there is additional structure which should be indicated which might involve things like recursively embeddingPlanetmathPlanetmath collections or metadata or some such.

Unless there is some urgent reason to do this right away, I would like to wait until after some more of the minumum plan stuff gets out of the way to focus on this task without becoming overloaded and confused. Anyway, now that we have this note here, this can serve as a reminder and a place for posting discussion and making notes in the meanwhile.

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