tangent of hyperbola

Let us derive the equation of the tangent line of the hyperbolaPlanetmathPlanetmath

x2a2-y2b2= 1 (1)

having  (x0,y0)  as the tangency point (y00).

If  (x1,y1)  is another point of the hyperbola (x1x0), the secant lineMathworldPlanetmath through both points is

y-y0=y1-y0x1-x0(x-x0). (2)

Since both points satisfy the equation (1) of the hyperbola, we have

0= 1-1=(x12a2-y12b2)-(x02a2-y02b2)=(x1-x0)(x1+x0)a2-(y1-y0)(y1+y0)b2,

which implies the proportion equation


Thus the equation (2) may be written

y-y0=b2(x1+x0)a2(y1+y0)(x-x0). (3)

When we let here  x1x0,y1y0,  this changes to the equation of the tangent:

y-y0=b2x0a2y0(x-x0). (4)

A little simplification allows to write it as



x0xa2-y0yb2= 1. (5)

Limiting position of tangent

Putting first  y:=0  and then  x:=0  into (5) one obtains the values


on which the tangent line intersects the coordinate axes.  From these one sees that when the point of tangency unlimitedly moves away from the origin (x0,y0), both intersection points tend to the origin.  At the same time, the slope b2x0a2y0 tends to a certain limit ba, because


Thus one infers that the limiting position of the tangent line is the asymptote (http://planetmath.org/Hyperbola2)  y=bax  of the hyperbola.

Consequently, one can say the asymptotes of a hyperbola to be whose tangency points are infinitely far.

The tangent (5) halves the angle between the focal radii of the hyperbola drawn from  (x0,y0).

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