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three theorems on parabolas

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when creating entries titles, it's wise to capitalize only proper nouns and its derivates. This is because the way system works.

If we don't do it this way, when automatically linking happens, text like
"The Hypotenuse of a Square is equal to the Sum of the Squares of its Legs".

G -----> H G
p \ /_ ----- ~ f(G)
\ / f ker f
G/ker f

Many thanks, but now I'm somewhat confused, because
I don't know how to parse your second paragraph.

I'll try again...

What he means is that if you capitalize an entry name, the automatic linker will capitalize references to that entry.

So if you wrote an entry called "Parabola" (instead of "parabola"), and someone else wrote
"Consider the parabola $y=x^2$..."
in his entry, it would end up as
"Consider the Parabola $y=x^2$..."
which just looks silly.

So the accepted style is to only capitalize proper names in titles.


I like your fresh writing style.
Have you considered changing this to "topic" or writing topic-kind entries? we're in need of them. There are lots of definitions and theorems, but we need some texts on general stuff.

also, if you write some stuff like an exposition or a paper we have special sections for posting them.
G -----> H G
p \ /_ ----- ~ f(G)
\ / f ker f
G/ker f

Yes, that would be fine. (That's the 1st
isomorphism thm, your signature, right?)

And I'll see what I can do. My grounding is
rather sketchy in most areas, but I like writing,
I like math, geometry.

yes, the 1st iso thm :)
it's ok, we are not experts anyway. And when one of us really goes wrong, someone else notices and sends a correction
G -----> H G
p \ /_ ----- ~ f(G)
\ / f ker f
G/ker f

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